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Originally Posted by blueberrydanish View Post
I was always under the impression that throwing in a plug will reduce the sticks flex? Also its not just an inch, it is atleast 3 inches plus which just will throw me off from what I am use to. I do see how using a diff blade can make a difference...but youd hope it doesnt vary this much.

Went back and found out that the shaft is just listed at 51" so my own fault, just sucks that you assume shafts come in the same lengths...

If plug works then Ill just end up doing that.
A 3" plug is not that long, I'm sure it will be totally fine. Most plugs are 8", you can cut it down to size. Just make sure it's a nice snug fit, shim with tape if necessary just like you would with a blade.

As for the flex, IMO you would see a very tiny, close to unnoticeable change in a stick's flex if you, for example, cut it down 3" and added a 3" end plug. But simply adding a 3" plug to your stick without cutting it down at all will actually make it easier to flex, because you get more leverage with a longer stick.

One thing, though, an 85 flex ST feels considerably stiffer than an 87 flex one95, simply because flex ratings are not super comparable from stick to stick in general IMO. So even once you throw the plug in there I'll bet it feels stiffer than you previous stick, but this is not because of the plug, but because of the shaft itself.

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