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03-23-2011, 10:56 PM
Thanks Burkie!!
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Guys, we hate generalizations and I understand that some Bruins fans have been way too far in this incident, but others are fine and discussions worthy. GloryDaze isn't a bad guy, he is a Bruins fan which makes his judgment clouded (as Reechi would say...), but he's not amongst the bad ones.

And some others around there aren't that bad. I know it's heated but let's make the difference between the bad ones and the not-so bad ones ('cause sorry Glory, even if you're good, you're a makes you just not-so bad...)
I feel the same way about you snake...for a Habs fan, you are pretty good, but you are after all, still a Habs fan

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I just love how Reechi says that the league knew he didn't have an intent to injure based on the fact that they didn't punish if the league ALWAYS takes the right decision...

Geez Reechi, remember the Savard-Cooke incident? I don't have the link in english (here's the ones in french but in french Reechi mentioning that it's a black eye for the league that Cooke wasn't suspended....that if it would have been to Crosby, the league would have reacted differently (don't look big old Mark, it HAPPENED to Crosby and the league didn't do squat either...).

So what big Mark is saying is that when it happens to us, the league sucks....but in Chara's case, the league has it right 'cause he wasn't suspended? Geez, that seems like a comment made out of a 13 year-old on HF......
I would expect that sort of reasoning from a teammate, right or wrong. I will say that several B's players (Ference and Bergeron) came out and said that they felt the Paille suspension was warranted and that those types of hits needed to be eliminated even if it was a teammate involved.

To be fair (and objective) Cooke's hit on Savard (or McDonaugh, or Tyutin) and Chara's hit on Pax were two completely different animals, which was why he wasn't suspended. Cooke came from the blindside and targeted the head of a player that didn't know he was there. Chara hit Pax from the side, he knew Chara was there, and Chara did not target the head. The results of Chara's hit was extremely unfortunate and we will never know his intent, but it was a completely different play than Cooke's.

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