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08-02-2005, 02:00 PM
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The Kings absolutely *need* 2 more scoring forwards, of the "1st line" quality. If our last season played tells us anything, Armstrong is NOT a 2nd line center. Now, the Kings will probably have Cammalleri on the opening night roster, but if history repeats itself, it'll be as a wing and not as a center. So, the Kings need a quality center, a quality wing, a veteran goalie, and possibly a depth defenseman.

From all the rumors and whatnot going around, I'm guessing we'll see something like this:

Frolov - Demitra - Brown
Cammalleri - Conroy - Satan
Avery - Belanger - Kostopoulos
Robitaille - Armstrong - Klatt
Cowan, Flinn

Norstrom - Visnovsky
Miller - Gleason
Dempsey - Quintal



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