Thread: Pre-Game Talk: March 24th, Montreal at Boston 7pm ET
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03-24-2011, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by GloryDaze4877 View Post

I'm pretty tired of hearing about how guilty all of us B's fans feel as well, which is why we are trying to justify Chara's hit. Not sure why I should feel guilty about something someone else did?
Not sure I agree with that. I don't think Habs fans, at least I don't, care whether B's fans feel guilty for what happened. You guys are fans, why would you see the situation in the shoes of the opposing parties. Same goes for Habs fans. Just like it is unlikely to see a Bruins fan bash/blame Chara for what he did it, it is unlikely to see a Habs fan protect and defend Chara. That's just the way fans are. I don't blame Bruins fans, I blame Chara. What I think bothers Habs fans is the fact that Chara wasn't regarded 'guilty' by the NHL and ultimately in terms of past history by NHL standards, still doesn't have a stain. Not the fans.
For Recchi's comments, again don't expect Bruins fans to feel guilty etc. Bias influences interpretation. We are probably assuming the worst of the situation while you guys are assuming the best. In reality, it'll probably be somewhere in the middle of him bad mouthing the Habs doctors/organization/Pacioretty and not meaning any harm by it/just telling it as it is from experience.

Although I understand why they don't allow it, it's still a shame the Habs don't allow their players to talk about their opponents in any sort of negative connotation. I'd be curious to hear how they feel and the reactions from everyone else to it.

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