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10-13-2003, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Markov79
I've been thinking about this for awhile (ok like ten minutes). Why not remove the offsides rule? 90% of the time it is called it is for someone being 3 inches across the line on the rush, or a defenceman being a tenth of a second too late in catching a pass. Why should there be a stoppage in play and a waste of offensive oppurtunities over a few inches.

The only counter argument I've faced so far is that people will start cherry picking. I have two counter arguments to this.

1. Under the current rules a player can hang around at centre ice and wait for a pass. It might not be waiting infront of the net but it results in the same thing, an unobstructed chance at scoring. If it isn't being done now then why would it be done without the offsides rule?

2. If someone does cherry pick, this would leave the other team with two options. Either play 5-4 in the offensive zone, or play 4-4 while leaving a d-man back. Eitherway it opens the game up to more offence.

What do you think?
With no offside the game would be very boring. There would be one way to play it, just throw long pucks to 1-2 players camping out in the offensive zone.

I would like to see red line offside go though. Here in Sweden is has opened up the game and made trapping a bit less effective and there are slightly more breakaways. No huge difference but slightly more open.

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