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03-24-2011, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by KillerKampfer View Post
Well any fans who want to be the "best" need to have their hats thrown into the mix for the "worst" as well. Wear it as a badge of pride.

Ive been to games in Philly and respect the fans. The point of being a fan is to create a hostile environment for the opposition. Philly does it well enough. The isolated idiots get enough press to ruin it for an otherwise good fanbase but they do make up part of it.

If you want to wear a jersey and not be bothered buy expensive seats. If you want to sit in cheap seats in another teams jersey expect insults and maybe a beer thrown. If you want to sit in cheap seats in a jersey and yell back expect to get hit by someone and thrown out. Way it should be IMO.

When I watched my team lose to Montreal in game 7 in Montreal I said I would be back for the next elimination game. When we were up 3-0 on them the next year I didnt bother because its not a meaningful hockey game a first round game in a series that was over and I would be asking for trouble wanting to sit in the Bell Center and cheer for my team and bask in thier misery it would not have been going to see a great hockey game. This year with the Pax/Chara incident it would be asking for trouble even more. Might still go but the jersey will only be worn if I buy expensive seats and I am not parking a car with Mass plates on the street. In Philly you have to pick the right parking lot if you drive down but that should be obvious and someone should research the preferred one for away fans should you be going to a huge playoff game where people will gladly smash in your windshield if their team was just eliminated.

Can't be the best without also being the worst. Never respected the Phillies anywhere near your other three teams and still don't so I think others might share the same feelings and hate on the reaction they get now. Other 3 are real teams *76ers only when they have a star to provide their identity like Dr J, Barkley, AI* the worst one is your recent champion.

People would understand if it was the Eagles who won IMO and they'd be getting praised as being great fans. There isnt a long time national presence for the Phillies and its not a city anyone in the northeast is going to root for if they aren't from there. Flyers, 76ers, Eagles have had enough great players and been relevant enough recently, people remember all Rieds lost NFC championships before he got to the big game.

You guys popping your cherry after a significant wait in all sports was a little different from when it happened to us and I saw Boston win its first champion but Tom "shoeless joe" Brady wasnt yet a ***** in 2001 and we went worst to first and epitomized whats right in sports. Shame Kraft has been in Vegas's pocket going back to when McNabb threw the Superbowl and took his time on that drive to make sure to cover the spread but not try to win. I mean is there any bigger way for a man to ruin winning the offensive NFL MVP award after a truly amazing season than Brady did its disgusting to all of us who wish we could have been sports legends even people up here are embarrassed by him. Noone wants to see those pictures and hair on somone they look up to. And thats after an amazing season.
Maybe I'm not understanding what you're getting at with that statement, but you do realize the Phillies are the oldest team in baseball (and any of the other major sports for that matter), right?

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