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Originally Posted by rangers1024 View Post
What do you mean, "How can he have more potential than Zucc?" like it's not possible or something.

Thomas is a small guy that plays the game like he thinks he's 6'0 190, he doesn't shy away from contact, he's not easily muscled off the puck, doesn't hesitate to work along the boards, or crash at the net. Thomas has a rediculous shot and uses it whenever possible.

So I don't understand how it's wrong to say that Thomas has more 'potential' than Zucc.
Look, in this aspect we are allowed to dream.

A kid like Zucc, showing the potential he is showing, the poise on the PP, his sniper ability, how he have handled the physical aspects, who of us can say that if he keeps developing he can't pot like 70 pts, if not even more, if he gets to play in a environment that really suits him et c.? He is -- de facto -- on pace to get 48 pts in his rookie season.

I can also see how much he developed this season just from last season, which certainly indicates that he can keep developing despite being 23 y/o. He is still less then one year older then a Carl Hagelin for example.

With a kid like Christian Thomas, it is unreasonable to expect more then say 30+30 from him, and thats still a very high expectation. There is no guarantee that he even will make it even to the NHL. Really. He is very far from being good enough today, meaning that he have to develop, and that is never a sure thing. Players like Phil Kessel don't grow on tree's. There are currently only 5 canadian RW's in the league on pace to get more then 69 pts this season. The fact that you are getting into the top 5 to 10 in scoring in the OHL, is no guarantee that you will score 70 pts in the NHL. From at least 12 generations of Canadian hockey players, its a fact that only 5 currently is on pace to score more then 69 pts when the season ends.

All I am saying is that it is way to early to claim that he have higher potential then Zucc. Is it possible that in 12 month we will be able to say that? Yes. But not no, it is way to early.

I was in the same type of discussion about Grachev a couple of years ago. I could not rule out that Grachev would have stepped into the AHL and pwened everyone and nowadays score 80+ pts in the NHL. How can you rule out that? I still can't prove that Jessiman won't score 80 pts in the NHL. But -- as we do with any kid -- you look at what you have, and make a projection from it. You take that projection and add some and call it roof and take away some and call it celling. Its still only guessing. In this equation youth never equals potential. Because if you go that road you'll just make a ton of misstakes. Its way to early to start talk about CT as say a 40+40 player like Phil Kessel. Its just to early. If he develops really well this summer. Makes the Canadian Junior National Team and is like top 5 in scoring in the WJC's next season, then I think its reasonable to start talking about him like like a scorer in that range. We can always hope, but hope isn't potential.

Martin St. Louis scored 2 pts in 13 games at the same age as Zucc is this year. Brett Hull scoerd 1 goals in 5 games at the same age as Zucc is this season. Ziggy Palffy scored 17 pts in 33 games at the same age as Zucc is this season. By the same yardstick, I can't prove that Zucc won't be better then those three either. But we can't reasonably give every prospect a 10c just because we never no were they will end up.

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