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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
1) I fail to see how the contract effects this team's potential.

2) So you're ready to trust Sather with capspace? The same guy who handed out this contract?

3) You can't do anything about the contract now, so it's not an either or thing.
This is such an exaggerated notion. The notion that Sather is some child who just threw money at some nobody. Drury was coming off two near-70-point seasons with 30+ goals in each. Couple that with his reputation of being a clutch playoff performer and an all-around solid player. Most Rangers fans at the time were thrilled that we got him. Most of us thought he was overpayed by about 1.5-2 million at the time, and we all would've been much more okay with that overpayment if he continued to put up 50-60 point seasons. He scored 50+ in his first two with the Rangers. Last year he dropped to 32 and was a noticeably different player. He lost a step. This year, it's just progressed even worse, and the injuries certainly haven't helped.

Not to mention there were other bidders for him willing to give him the same contract or close to it / possibly even a little more than that. We got Scott Gomez on the same day and Gomez actually peformed the way he was expected to. He put up 70 points and then 58 points before we traded him.

Now, the main issue is that Gomez and Drury are not and never were 7.5 and 7 million dollar players, but that IS what their market value was. All free agents are overpaid this way. We happened to get two of them on the same day. And we also happened to give one of them a full NMC. That was a mistake. Sather knows it was a mistake. But if it had worked out and Gomez had some magical chemistry with Jagr and Drury improved upon his seasons in Buffalo and scored 75 points and we won a Stanley Cup, then the overpayment would've been justified. But like 29 other teams each year, we didn't win the cup so all the moves are scrutinized and mistakes are amplified.

Wade Redden is another story. We should've done a better job scouting / watching him and realized that he was never going to be the same player he was in the clutch-and-grab era. It was certainly a mistake, but in Sather's one defense, there were many teams after Redden and Sather did what GMs of most teams WISH their GM would do, and do what it takes to get the targeted player here. If we had did our homework better and targeted Streit, our defense would be arguably the best in the league right now. Staal and Streit, McD and Sauer, Girardi and... anyone. Wow.

Sather has made mistakes, sure. But he's never made a mistake without reason. All those moves were to make us a better team. And it's not as if we gave up promising young players to take risks on these overpaid, overrated veterans. Sather turned Gomez into McD+ and used the cap-space to sign a guy who scored 40+ goals and 80+ points with us last year. He admitted his mistake with Redden and did what was best for the team by burrying him. Drury's final year will likely be bought out if he doesn't retire on his own. I do trust Sather with cap-space. I trust that he knows our need and will do what it takes to get him here. That means Brad Richards. I'd rather have a GM like Sather who takes the chance in free-agency than a guy like Dean Lombardi who talks about their needs but is too afraid to make a big move so he continuously settles on plan C or D. How good would the Kings be if they had signed Kovalchuk? How good would the Kings be if they had signed Gaborik the year before?

Just because some of Sather's free-agency signings (that were mostly applauded at the time of each signing) haven't worked out doesn't mean he's incapable of signing the right players and having them work out. To think otherwise is just naive. This team isn't on a 10-year rebuild plan and they shouldn't be. We HAVE the young core and we have even younger prospects in the pipeline who will be joining that core in the next 1-3 years. It is TIME to make that big impact move that takes us to the next level with the Penguins, Flyers, and Bruins. That move is Brad Richards and Sather is a GM who is going to go after him hard, as he should.

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