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03-24-2011, 10:43 AM
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my junior b team which was relocated this year gave us 24 beer after every win, which was sadly not very often. Last year when we played in the old town we had unlimited beer after every home game nomatter what the outcome. We would have a couple dozen or so in the dressing room while we sat around taking our gear off, while some guys went in the bathroom and smoked things other than cigarettes. Then once we were ready we would go to the back of the arena where we had our own little room with a bar built and couches and everything all just for the team. Back here there was usually a keg tapped or at least a fridge full of beer and we would drink until we would have to leave and get on the last ferry (it was on an island). In the rec league on that same island every team brings in around 4 or 5 dozen a game and the rink attendant puts them in a cooler for us. Some players drink some dont. The league is sponsored by labatt so with the money we build off selling beer at rec we have several team parties throughout the year.

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