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03-24-2011, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
Nice try? You feel if he has a similar playoffs to last year he becomes untradeable? Not a chance. Regardless though I don't think his playoff performance is going to have anything to do with how McPhee feels about him as part of the long term plan. He gave him the contract after last year's playoffs after all.

Bet yeah sure the $2.75 mil albatross of a cap hit...
Why do you speak of last years playoffs? I didnt like his game and his pairings performance but that is besides the point. His collective career playoff experience I grade him a C at best.

Do you like Poti's contract? 2,75M for a guy that doesnt skate well in a skating league, Thats why i dont like his game and George's vision when drafting him ahead of Green. 5 years from now, hitting will probably be outlawed, the league will be even faster. The writing is all over the wall. Yet his skating like other parts of his game will probably never change. Can he keep up as the league gets inevitably faster?

He goes against George's own preference for mobile puck movers.

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