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03-24-2011, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by zorz View Post
Who knows '89 probably won't be any better, the rest looks ok so far to me, but '94 seems to be quite weak (at least to me, I'm not an expert).

The truth is that numbers of drafted player are low recently, but positive thing is it's not going down even more. I think those 2 years of only 3 guys drafted were bottom years and 2010 was a little bit better and 2011/2012 seem to be at least same or better than 2010 in this way.
That barely seems to be a positive.

2007 - 5 guys. Voracek in NHL. Repik is running out of time with Florida, high quality skills but sometimes that isn't enough. Future KHL player perhaps. Ruzicka isn't an NHL prospect, Roman isn't having a good year in the AHL and is very marginal. Ostrcil isn't an NHL prospect.

2008 - 3 guys. Kundratek is an NHL prospect but not anything earth shattering, and is a project. Could go either way. Jordan much the same. Kubalik has had a promising first AHL year and has potential, but isn't a surefire thing.

2009 - 3 guys. Nestrasil is borderline NHL prospect. Very talented hockey player but the skillset doesn't seem insync. Skating is an issue for sure. Could go either way. Horak has had a good year but at his age it should be expected. Greater knowledge on his future will be known next year. Vincour has seen NHL time but doesn't really have any high end skill. Still a pretty bad skater and projects to be a bottom six player.

2010 - 5 guys. Straka. Awful year and you have to wonder if he will even get signed at the moment. Gudas seems to have some NHl potential albeit not particular immense. Solid progression being made. Culek isn't an NHL prospect. Mrazek looks very promising. One the better goaltending prospects around. Polasek i am actually not that well informed on.

In 4 years we have 16 picks. The reason it isn't going down anymore is because it is basically impossible to happen. No matter how bad the programme is, a couple of picks each year is nearly always going to happen.

2007 is saved by Voracek. Otherwise awful. The only other potential player is Repik and as a Florida fan i can tell you time is running out. 2008 is terrible. 3 Mid tier NHL prospects ; the probability is only one will be a long-term NHL player. 2009 is the same, all 3 have NHL potential in different ways, but its unlikely they all pan out. 2010 is really bad if we ignore Mrazek and projecting Goalies is tough.

You are lucky if you get 5 long-term NHL players from this group (and excluding Voracek, lucky if any of them are impact players). It's highly likely that Switzerland for example will have more success from their 89-92 group.

2011 basically has Musil/Jaskin and little else. 2012 from what i've heard is pretty bad.

Does anybody know if serious changes are being made in Czech hockey? Clearly by now the serious health issue of Czech hockey has been diagnosed by all, but have any actual actions been undertaken to change this trend or are we still merely in the "Discussion" stage. It's a sad trend and one i hope can be reversed over time. Fact is, the Czech Republic is almost a non entity at the Junior level now. I mean i'd be suprised if NHL scouts even bother scouting the Czech Republic outside of international events much anymore.

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