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03-24-2011, 02:31 PM
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This sort of bleeds into all of the projection threads going right now, but the Caps find themselves in the enviable position of a team that is a contender, which left room to add rentals at the deadline, which finds that those rentals fit like a glove.

That doesn't change the fact that the players the team added are still rentals, that there are a few UFAs on whom the team must make decisions, and that because this is a good team, the water level rises for everyone. Many deserve raises.

Some proportion of the UFAs won't be back. It might only be one or two guys, but when you add rentals in March, your team as it looks on March 24 is usually not a team that you can afford for a full year. At some point, a percentage of those guys has to go.

In theory, you simply cut all your perceived dead weight and sign the guys performing well today. Easy! Trade Schultz, demote Poti to LTIR purgatory forever. It's more likely that the team lives with most of its commitments, and the limited cap space available will need to be portioned out to players whose value adds up to more than you can fit under the team's cap space. Schultz is probably a Capital in October.

It's not a travesty, or a surprise, or a catastrophe. It's merely what happens when you trade for rentals. You let them go. Usually, a team may sign one or two. Usually not the whole pack.

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