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Guestimating the effect of USD:CAD on HRR

1. Effect the USD:CDN exchange rate on HRR:

For those interested in guesstimating what effect the USD/CDN exchange rate might have on HRR this season, here are some figures to get you rolling:

08-09 season noon rates, 251 days, average $0.8625
09-10 season noon rates to date, 69 days, average $0.9135

You can estimate a final average value for 09-10 by plugging in your estimate for the rest of the 09-10 season.

Rate = (0.9135*69 + $ESTIMATE*182)/251

For example if today's closing rate of $0.9492 stayed consistent the rest of the season that would yield a final 09-10 NHL season HRR exchange rate of $0.9394.

2. Rates from Bank of Canada:
CBA prescribes that the average annual rate for an NHL fiscal year be used, July 1 - June 30.

3. On the difficulty of predicting Exchange Rate fluctuations:

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