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03-24-2011, 07:27 PM
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Stan Johnathan did the cut throat motion
Tie Domi did the fist roll
Bob Probert pumped his fist when he was young
Ken Baumgartner had the flinch

Why anyone would give a crap about Westgarth's clapping is beyond me. He doesn't do it at his opponent and he doesn't hold his hands above his head and skate in a giant circle doing it he just does it.

Are we really going to become a fanset who critique's our own enforcers style post fight?

If we are then I am writing an entire series of threads about how lame it is that some of our players kiss each other after a win.

Come on, really? Lets find things about our opponents to complain about. Westgarth has a very tuff job and you feel sick to your stomach about it before and after it happens, I don't care what the guy does as long as he can keep scrapping.

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