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Originally Posted by jaster View Post
Ehhh, what? What makes him a Sean Avery on defense? Granted, I've only seen one of his games with the Griffins, but in all the Badgers games I saw, he was nothing like Sean Avery. He's had some knucklehead moments off the ice, but I don't think he's a knucklehead on hit.
When you don't have any discipline off the ice, it's not like you have a totally different personality on it. Maybe it's just a maturity thing and he'll grow out of it, but then again maybe not. I've only seen 6 Griffins games in full this year, and it's not like Smith has been in 10 fights.

He's had 3 I think, and hasn't had any since 11/26. Dude had 113 PIMs, and 98 of them were non-fighting PIMs. Yes, 26 of them came in that especially stupid game of his where he blew up at the refs after committing 3 minors in the first two periods and earned a 10 minute misconduct and a 10 minute game... but even if you take out the misconduct minutes you're looking at the most non-fighting/conduct PIMs of any non-thug dman on the roster.

He doesn't look tough right now, he looks reckless and undisciplined. Avery eventually morphed from that into a total ******. Hopefully Smith won't follow him all the way down that path.

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