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Ice Hockey World Championship in Boxing Style

The Unofficial Football World Championships is way of calculating the world's best soccer team using a knock-out title system similar to that used in boxing and wrestling. I became interested in what country could be holding that title now in ice hockey and did a little research. I started my work from the first national match I found: France-Bohemia January 23rd 1909, which France won 8-1. A total of 27 countries have been World Champions since then.

Now the title is held by Slovakia who claimed it by winning Germany 4-1 February 11st this year. Next time they will be defending the title April 1st against Finland.

Not very surprisingly, Canada has the most days as champion, 10 041 days, about 27 and a half years. Here's the top 10:
1. Canada 27y 6m
2. Soviet Union 19y 6m
3. England 16y 1m
4. USA 6y 9m
5. Sweden 6y 4m
6. Czechoslovakia 5y 5m
7. France 4y 6m
8. Russia 3y
9. Finland 2y 5m
10. Czech Republic 2y 4m

Sweden has however got to arrange the most championship parties winning the previous champions 66 times. Top 10:
1. Sweden 66
2. Canada 58
3. Czechoslovakia and Finland 41
5. Soviet Union 40
6. USA and Czech Republic 28
8. Russia 23
9. Switzerland 15
10. Slovakia 9

The complete statistics can be found here.

I had to make one exception to the rules, because after the match Scotland-Canada March 5th 1948 Scotland never played any games against other opponent than England and the championship would have been bouncing between these two countries and eventually ended to Scotland, who haven't played any games since 1993. I transfered the championship to Great Britain after that match.

The data has been collected from this site:

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