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08-02-2005, 06:40 PM
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"I hope no one of significance because all it will do is slow down our rebuild and take valuable ice time away from some of our prospects who we should let play. And all those fa will do is make us mediocre which in the NHL is like being in the middle of Siberia with no hope of a lotery pick or of actually getting better.

I really hope we tank the season. We really really need our own superstar kid that can grow with the rest of our prospects with a Ranger mentality and identity instead of the usual mercenary that we hire for a paycheck every year. I really have had enough of it. And it really doesnt pay now with a salary cap where you probably cant address major holes because all those mercenaries eat up a huge chunk of your cap room. Although we were always full of defensive holes even without a cap.

I really hope we tank this season and get a Lottery pick. And I really really hope we can get Phil Kessel. And by the time he or anyone we draft as a lottery pick can come up the other kids would have had experience and acclimation as homegrown rangers.

Then you can worry about hiring mercenaries to fill your holes.

I wouldn't sign ANYONE now, except maybe a veteran defenseman since we need one."

Tank the season on purpose and the only thing you're teaching the kids is how to be losers.

What I'm hoping for is this: Work hard, try to win every game to build up the right mentality, and simply suck your way to last place. Atlanta, Columbus and a few others are a good example of this approach.

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