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Originally Posted by Thordic View Post
Haha not a hockey story, but one I was reminded of.

When I was in college, we had a club lacrosse team. We were terrible, and got very very little support. To field a decent lacrosse team, you need around 25-30 guys, minimum. We would have 10 show up for games, 11 if we were lucky. Ironman lacrosse. Imagine playing a whole hockey game without line changes. It was rough.

So, we kept an alumni roster. No one checked rosters before games since it was a club league, and we'd make phone calls before games to see if any alumni wanted to come back and play. One game we were particularly desperate because we didn't think we'd have enough players, so we called everyone. Eventually we tracked down some former grad student who was now like 30 but was willing to come out.

The next day, we show up, and we have 10 guys. Unfortunate, but we were used to it. But then the alumni mentioned earlier shows up. With a keg. He plops it down on the bench like its a gatorade cooler, pulls a sleeve of cups out of his gear bag, and puts his pads on.

The game was a disaster. It was amazing we didn't get thrown out of the league. I just remember my dad came to that game and he thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw. The alumni kept drinking all game, and we decided to only put him out there for faceoffs (which he was amazing at, even after a number of beers).

I'm sure I'll get some holier-than-thou replies to this story, but I just had to share anyway.
not from me. I've seen games like that, and it's unintentional comedy at it's best as long as it doesn't get out of control. I should also throw in the disclaimer that I wouldn't personally do it. The last time I drank before a game I was dehydrated by the first period after a few beers.

I'm not one who drinks before the game or even in the locker room. Every once in awhile I might do beers elsewhere if the locker room agrees to it. But for the most of it, it's 9-5 jobs in the morning, or in my case it's wake up at 445 to be at work at 6.

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