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10-13-2003, 09:47 AM
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Two lousy games and you guys are calling for Ruff's head?

How did the Bills start this season? With two dominating victories....followed by 3 excruciatingly painful losses and an OT win against the Bungholes. Wade Phillips had a much better record in Buffalo than Greg Williams does.

Did our two victories to start last season inspire posts for extending Ruff's contract? We all know how last season ended.

Go ahead and abandon ship. The ones confusing Todd Marchant with Todd Bertuzzi don't deserve any mind to begin with.

I remember the Sabres under Nolan: how a team with the two best Sabres ever, Lafontaine and Hasek, along with Peca, could not make the playoffs. I remember how that Nolan team was outworked by the choking Ottawa Sens in the playoffs.

I remember the Sabres under Muckler, who unlike Nolan, had a track record of success. May Day and nothing else.

I remember the Ted Sators, Rick Dudleys and Scotty Bowmans leading us to first round failures year after year.

Only once has a coach led the Sabres to repeated success in the playoffs: Ruff. Why the hell do we want to get rid of that? Are your memories that short that you can't remember the decades of futility preceding 1999?

Someone has to be blamed and you can fire one person (a coach) easier than you can fire 18 players.

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