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03-25-2011, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by OpenWheel View Post
I don't like this. I always thought Cube was a short term bandaid. Why did we end up locking ourselves into him for next year? Were there really so many other bidders we had to make sure we had such a prize player locked up? I'd rather have SOB.

Cube is a decent player, but he's aging and his grit is not as effective for our team as SOB leaning on people.
we got a known commodity at a reasonable price. Sure, now that we are sure that Blum is the real deal he looks superflous, but at the time we signed him we didnt know that Blum would make it, and when we signed him we didnt have SOB yet(I dont think) and we were wondering if Parent was good enough or healthy enough to hold down a spot

worst case scenario Cube is a reasonably priced veteran 7th d man. nothing wrong with that

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