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- count me among those who didn't like the Toews pick. I think that intangibles like defense, leadership and faceoff ability need to have a "track record" just like offense. i.e. you might say when comparing two players, "yeah, they are about equal offensively, but this guy did it for twice as long"... there is no doubt that we would consider the guy with longevity to be the better offensive option.. likewise, we can't expect. toews to provide his intangibles at a very consistent level... YET. I am in estevan for a fundraiser, hanging with GBC. He loves the Toews pick at 709. It figures. He considers HOW a player plays, like you should, but has little regard for HOW LONG they played that way. Don't penalize Toews for his short career, and you fail to credit players with long, productive and successful careers.

- love the Clint Smith pick. I have him in my top-4 offensive players remaining; I found it tough to choose between them. As has been said, he's not really a 4th line type, but at some point he becomes too good a value to pass up. We got to that point at least 100 picks ago. Yes he would be a decent 2nd line LW, or a bargain basement 2nd line center, selected much later than the rest but still as good as a handful of them.

- tikhonov was definitely the best coach remaining. He and keenan should be selected in succession, IMO.

- I think rolston is better than a passable "extra" 2nd unit pp poin. tman. He can be a regular, with 40 teams. We tend to draft a lot more well-rounded defensemen than specialists and there just aren't 160 great pp defensemen out there. Currently my 2nd unit is Redden and Neilson. I would have put Rolston in there over Chief.

- Regehr and Rochefort were practically the same player, but Regehr (WOW EPIC PHONE FUBAR, spacebar locked, couldn't type, had to hit send, restart and edit, lol) did it for what is now a longer time and with much more durability. Rochefort was the complete opposite of durable. Among players active in 1980 and 1990, only guy lafleur played fewer games between those years - and he had an excuse. See mld2010 thread for more on these two. I would never take rochefort over regehr and anyone who would is subconsciously instituting modern bias from having lived in the era of 24/7 coverage and daily picking apart of players.

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