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Originally Posted by bipolarhabfan View Post
Reminds me of when we picked Jason Ward 11th overall in 97. The player that was picked behind him turned out to be a respectable hockey player, a person by the name of Marian Hossa.

As people always say, 29 other teams missed the boat on Lucic. When he was playing for the Giants, I knew he would be good NHLer simply because of the way he played. He always showed a willingness to go to the net and was always willing to play aggresively.

I firmly believe that winning in this league requires a combination of size and skill, which the Habs lack hence the reason why we are a battered bunch by the end of the year. It is no coincidence that the skilled Hab teams of the 60s and 70s had players who could mx it up, Ferguson and Riseborough for example. Unless we start to add players who are bigger and SKILLED, we will see inconsistent efforts.
Any team's fans have those "got away" situations. In 2007, the Bruins, after drafting Hamill 8th overall, moved up in the 2nd round in order to draft Tommy Cross. P.K. Subban was available.

People thought Lucic was a reach @ #50, and the Bruins struck gold. I think they've drafted some big project forwards since that haven't worked out or probably won't.

My favorite one is before there was a lottery, the Islanders winning the last game of the season with almost all AHL players, dropping a spot in the draft & getting Scott Scissons instead of Jaromir Jagr.

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