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Originally Posted by TommyBruinsFan View Post
Wondering why everybody here seems to be using Stubhub instead of Ebay. Stubhub charges 15% commission and 10% to buyer. Ebay charges 9% commission and nothing extra for buyer. So why does stubhub seem more popular amongst you all? I have been a STH for 5 years and have sold all seats I don't use exclusively on Ebay and never take a loss and always make money. What am I missing? Enlighten me.

I use to use ebay almost much exclusively to sell. I don't know why. But I refused to use stubhub for the longest time. I just thought they ripped off both buyers and sellers. I saw the 25%+ of the pie they were making on every sale. And I just refused to use them. After enough of my friends who were in the broker business began selling through them (almost exclusively) I figured I'd dabble with selling with them a little. It didn't take long to move all my business over.

The ticket market on ebay has significantly changed in the last few years. I use to do about 95% ebay 5% craigslist and zero stubhub. I was paying five to nine hundred dollars a month in ebay fees. Ebay continued to change their system and their pricing structure, in spite the fact that there was nothing wrong them. In 2008 I made the switch to stubhub. Now I do roughly 80% stubhub, 20% craigslist and zero ebay. In spite of the fact that stubhub charges a 15 commission, the tickets sell for significantly more. As buyers are willing to pay the premium in service fees to get the "fan protect" guarantee that SH offers.

I bought a pair of tickets off ebay last May. A group of 3 seats to a Celtics playoff game. I paid about $300 for the tickets. After winning the auction and paying immediately, the buyer told me his dad gave the tickets to a client...and he couldn't get them back = the auction didn't bring what he expected. This was the day before the game. The seller wouldn't reply to emails or phone calls requesting a refund. After submitting a dispute with paypal, I finally got a refund...six weeks later. This is exactly why more buyers want the security of using stubhub...and I don't blame them. I'll look for deals now and them on ebay. But I almost never use them to sell. Just too many hassles. I usually had to eat about $500 a year in fraudulent paypal claims as well. Buyers using tickets and then submitting a claim through paypal. I would win an initial paypal claim at first. Then the byer/professional con-artist would bi-pass paypal and submit a charge through their credit card directly. Didn't matter what you said or did as a seller. Paypal always gave the money back to the credit card company...and took it from me. I think it was right after one of those credit card chargebacks that i started using stubhub. Funny, I haven't had a paypal chargeback since

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to where they prefer to buy or sell. But I can tell you that I've sold thousands of tickets through ebay (the majority being Sox tickets from '03-'08) and the stubhub selling experience is significantly better. It is far less work. Net profits are higher. And you don't have to deal with dumb ass buyers who attempt to blackmail you in exchange for "positve" feedback.


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