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03-25-2011, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by TommyBruinsFan View Post
Wondering why everybody here seems to be using Stubhub instead of Ebay. Stubhub charges 15% commission and 10% to buyer. Ebay charges 9% commission and nothing extra for buyer. So why does stubhub seem more popular amongst you all? I have been a STH for 5 years and have sold all seats I don't use exclusively on Ebay and never take a loss and always make money. What am I missing? Enlighten me.
There are a few reasons that people go the Stubhub route:
1. Ease of checking game dates/details/etc
2. No interaction with the buyers. No late payers/non-payers/whiners for any of a number of reasons after the fact.
3. The target audience is different. Because SH is guaranteed to buyers, Corporate types are more likely to use it. They are charging the tickets for clients/customers/vendors to their business and are willing to pay more for the guarantee since they are writing it off anyhow. Ebay is mostly bargain hunters. You will get more after fees (in general) from SH than Ebay.
4. Instant electronic delivery options (SH you can have your tix up until almost game time and don't have to worry about delivery last minute....list them and let them fly.

The fee difference has closed since Ebay upped fees. Between listing fees, Final Value fees, and paypal fees, it gets close to the Ebay 15% (with no additional paypal fees).

Since the removal of seller feedback and the upping of fees, almost everyone I know who sells tickets (either occasional or semi-professional) switched over.

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