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03-25-2011, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Lol. The same thing can be said about NY fans. Go to a Phillies Mets game or an Eagles Giants game and see what happens. The reason fights and stuff break out is because the visiting fans come in and disrespect the other fans or the stadium itself. What about the guys who wear Rangers jerseys to a Flyers-Sabres game and start Flyers suck chants. That is class right there. I'm sure Philly fans do the same type of thing on some level, but you can't be calling Philly fans the scummiest around when NY fans (and most fans involved in a heated rivalry) do the same crap.
You don't have to do or say anything at an Eagles game to attract abuse - just wear a Giants or Dallas jersey and you will get treated horribly. Little kids wearing Redskins/Cowboys stuff get called ******s and get beer thrown on them. I'm an Eagles fan but I would NEVER take my 10 year old son there - it's just not a good idea. The last fight I was in was against a bunch of blind drunk morons from Upper Darby who thought I was friends with the Cowboys fans parked next to me who I hadn't even spoken to. It was a 12 on 6 (I was one of the 6) attack by a bunch of gutless punks. They even took some swings at my buddy's dad who is 70 years old - and is a die-hard Eagles fan and was wearing a Dawkins jersey at the time.

The same thing can be said about a lot of fans in NY, Oakland, wherever - but I won't take my kids there which is a shame - there are just way too many *******s. Most Eagles fans are just fine but honestly - the idiots have earned our fans a terrible reputation and it is well deserved. Flyers and Phillies fans are generally more civilized but so many Eagles fans are just pathetic pieces of garbage. No offense to the majority though... And I'm not bitter because I got beat up or anything. There's a 20 something year old kid from Upper Darby with a very crooked nose thanks to me.

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