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03-25-2011, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
So here's just a couple of thoughts about this. I don't think it is as bad as some of the people are making it out to be.

The Kessel Pro's:
Elite skater
True sniper
23 years old
Cheaper cap hit
Healthier than Gaborik <--Even with the Cancer.
In adding him, the Rangers get younger. They don't lose speed as Kessel is probably as fast as Gaborik is, and in term of recent production you pretty much get the same guy.

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The Kessel Con's:
Heard from a reliable source that he battled addiction in Boston and was the main reason he was moved. Lot's of places to hide in NY and lots of distractions for people that aren't good with self control. <--I have no idea if this is still true today.

Dissapears for lenghts of time

Might not top out as high offesively

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At the end of the day, if I was GM and knew 100% that his health was ok in regards to the cancer and that his his addiction if true was contained...Then I think Kessel at 5.4 mil for the next 3 years over Gaborik at 7.5 mil for the next three years. I would pull the trigger and not look back.

An all USA top 6 to me is appealing.
What addiction?

You can't just make things up like that and have people believe that they're true. Search "Phil Kessel addiction" on Google and this thread is the only relevant thing that comes up. In markets like Toronto and Boston, do you really think something like this would be kept secret from everyone? And do you think that Burke would have invested so much in him if that had been the case? He signed in Toronto because Boston wasn't willing to offer him as much as he wanted. The only health concerns with him have been cancer and a shoulder injury that caused him to miss training camp and the start of last season.

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