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03-25-2011, 11:13 PM
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I never took my kid skating until he was 6, but since he was 2 he would watch games and we would play all the time in the living room or basement, but the rules were he has to pass the puck ( my brother would jump in aswell) and jokingly all the time we would say " why would you shoot their, there was a man open right there" and he actually started picking up passing real fast,finally he started skating and picked it up reall fast went to A right away then AA the next year and now AAA.

All 3 years he was the only kid who just knew how to pass, springing guys on breakaways from his own end. 2-0 passes, just alot of passing.

Also, we would only play with him if he played hard, meaning giving it is all, it taught him how to work hard he knew that the results of the game were not important, it was how hard he tried that was important.

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