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03-26-2011, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by jefferiah View Post
I am starting to wonder if this is as big a thing as we make it out to be. Not that UFA's do not want to sign here, but that burying Gomez would make us look unclassy. The whole league knows he is playing like crap and making tons of money for it. You know if I was player who had just been traded away from the Habs, I might be apt to tell my new teammates about how unfair it was that the guy making lots of dough and doing nothing got great minutes, and never once was benched for his mistakes. That kind of thing might sour me more on signing with the Hab, than seeing an unproductive player get buried in the minors. Sometimes its a good to have balls. People who work hard and are productive like it when they see productive people get rewarded.
Player who are so easily swayed and are scared of having their feelings hurt are not the kind we are interested in anyways. Also I'm not sure how a coach supporting a struggling player will ever look bad to a potential UFA.

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