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03-26-2011, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Eaglepride View Post
Hopefully Fehr will do great things for us (getting rid of the cap), otherwise Holland needs to find more and more holes in the CBA. I'm thinking about stuff like making life for the players parents more convienent meaning don't buy a house, car for the player buy it for his wife pay the kids collegue you know stuff that doesn't count against the CBA, but DOES help signing top player cheap.
Might help us (might), but it might hurt the players. While the few teams who could can no longer spend whatever they want, it's forced a bunch of teams to spend more than they would. With revenues continuing to go up, forcing the floor and ceiling up along with it, I'm not sure I'd want much of a change if I'm the players. The only thing that has bit them a bit is escrow, but I wonder how much of a hit that is compared to how much salaries have risen across the board.

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