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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Well, dragging the team down in that he's never around and Price, Hamrlik, Subban, Gorges all have to carry the team on their shoulders...

Hard for you to believe, but...I'm a Markov fan but I just don't want to see our Habs take a risk with a player who has become a box that has 1000 stickers on it marked ''extremely fragile...handle with extra care''. Even if his knee will be a 100%, it will be his shoulder next time or his back or his neck or his other knee,etc, etc...HE IS JUST TOO FRAGILE.

Especially when we'll need money for our true MVPs (Price, Subban, Goeges...).

Feel like taking a risk...sign Gorges to a 4 year deal.
I'm sure he won't be as greedy as Markov. (I hope I'm right!).

Habs and quest for Stanley Cup>>>>>>> Markov (very average in fact he has never really showed up for it).
How is that a risk ? Gorges ?

Please... that's exactly what I was talking about. Gorges is a fine defensive d-man, but he's no all-star. There are dozens of Gorges in the league... there aren't too many Markovs.

You talk about the "team" and the main goal to win the Cup. Well you win with star players and that's why you re-sign them.

You don't win Cups with leaders like Gomez, Cammaleri, Gionta and Gorges... but with Crosby, Toews, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Getzlaf and cie.

I'm not saying signing Markov isn't taking a risk. But it's a high rewards kind of risk. As for other kind of injuries other than the knee... he's not more fragile than any other player in the league.

...God I hate the short-term memory lost. People forget how great Markov is... he isn't ****ing Alexandre Picard...

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