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Originally Posted by Dave Karp View Post
Few misconceptions here:

There are a few different types of smokeless tobacco. Chewing tobacco is often considered to be either "dipping tobacco" or "chewing tobacco". Actual chewing tobacco are brands like Redman in which you put it in the side of your gum and chew it once in awhile and you draw out the nicotine. Dipping tobacco is similar to snus in which you place under your bottom lip (or upper, or both) and the fiberglass in chew cuts into your lip and into your blood stream. Brands of dipping tobacco are Skoal, Copenhagen, Grizzly, etc. Snus is similar to dipping tobacco in application, but is apparently less harmful than chew or dip. A full tin of dipping tobacco is roughly equal to 60 cigarettes. I'm not sure the number in most chewing tobacco but I believe it is about the same. Snus comes in pouches much like Dipping tobacco brands like Skoal have produced sub brand known as Bandits.

As for the question: No, I haven't tried it. They don't sell it anywhere in my city, I don't believe. Dipping tobacco is quite expensive as well about 16 bucks for an American sized tin and Redman is roughly the same. If snus is that much cheaper I'll look into it.
Any people do that willingly?

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