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Originally Posted by Lou is God
To be honest guys, when I heard you guys signed Hatcher, Therien and Rathje I was like OMG, just shoot us now.

But now that I look at it, I do have a couple concerns that the Flyers might have stretched too much what they hoped was a strength and maybe instead turned their defense into a vulnerabilty because of the new rules to open the ice. I don't think that all big men will disappear with today's new rules looking to open the ice, but I do think that the days of the slow defense defenseman such as we had in Daneyko might be the dinosaurs of the new face of the NHL and perhaps the fate of Hatcher and Therien will be days of reflection and hard truth reality.

But that being said, nice pick up on Rathje, yeah he's big, but the boy can move and has a ton of talent that will make him exception to the rule of the big boys on "D" as I mentioned.

John, does this take you guys out of the running for Niedermeyer?
I for one don't see the effects of the new rules being as drastic as others, in regards to their effects on players. It may put absolute fence post type players out of the league - guys like Chris McAllister (if he wasn't out already) but I don't see it having a big effect on someone who's a talented, established, veteran defenseman like Hatcher.

As far as the Flyers' defense as a whole goes, I like it alot. I think they have a strong mix of some size in Hatcher and Rathje, but the rest of their defenseman - Johnsson, Pitkanen, Desjardins, and Seidenberg are all solid skaters and should have no trouble adjusting to the new rules.

Definitely out on Niedermayer. Signing him would mean no Esche, Gagne, Johnsson, Seidenberg, Sharp, etc. The rest of the money will be used to sign those RFA's, and a few million will be left under the cap for an in season deal. Personally, even though I'd like another top 6 forward, I like this heading in to the season alot. Well, considering how long it's been since I've seen a game, I'd like ANY team coming in to this season - you know what I mean.

Edit: And another thing, the Flyers are set up great for the future. They have an ASSLOAD of draft pics in next years draft, which could be used as trade fodder between now and then or to be packaged for a deal to move up - some solid players in next years' draft.

They also shed the contracts of Roenick, Brashear, and Desjardins, so they'll have plenty of money to play around with in next years big free agent pool, but they'll have a complete team as well.

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