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Originally Posted by two out of three View Post
The point is, when you say that Schenn CAN'T get the job done on that unit, is pure speculation on your part. You don't know and I don't know until we both see it, and he is the only GOOD option we have if Kopitar is out for an extended period of time.

Thats one of my biggest pet peeves is when people speculate on prospects, and say that they "aren't ready to do something." How would you know until you actually see them perform?
I want to be certain I understand what you are saying, you believe that we won't know if B Schenn is ready to step in out of Juniours and play as the key position on an NHL team, a position that he has never played before at a level that he has 8 games worth of experience playing in until we see him do so, right? Not only play but lead his team to a cup?

Also, I want to be clear, I never said he "CAN'T" center our top line, just that he isn't close to ready.

I contend that B Schenn isn't capable of stepping into A Kopitar's shoes and succeeding at anywhere near the same level as of today and that is what prompted you to ask me how I could possibly make such an assessment, correct?

I spend a stupid amount of time watching our prospects (and other prospects) play including Schenn and I don't see him as being close to ready today to step into Kopitar's shoes. I base this not only on my own opinion but also on having read every scouting report written about his play and hours spent discussing his abilities with everyone who will give me the time of day around him at least a couple of times a month.

I am only another poster here giving my opinion but that is what I base it on.

If you think that BS might be able to perform at the number one center position on our team right out of juniours then that's your opinion and good on you but then, how can you possibly make that assertion?

Based on what, his success in Jr's? Based on his 9 games with the Kings? What are you basing Schenn's presupposed success on?

I am curious what you are basing your opinion on?

If all that your saying is that we won't know until we see BS play with Penner and Moller then that doesn't make any sense to me. If we follow that logic then we can also say that we should try Smyth as first line center, we won't know until we see him try or any other player as far as that is concerned.

Your opinion is that it is an unknown thing and my opinion is based on the ******** amount of time that I spend following these guys and in the end both of valid but here is my problem, why does it bother you at all what anyone elses opinion is?

You are saying that you have a problem when people post an opinion that you don't agree with but in posting that you are actually doing what you yourself are angry at others for doing.

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