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03-26-2011, 07:28 PM
E Nixson
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
In 2-3 years, Lundqvist will be 31-32, not 33. But it does not matter. Goalies start later and finish later too. Goalies don't have power forwards slam into them. They don't get cross checked.

A 31/32 year old goalie is still in his prime. Goalies start to slide at the age of 35, give or take a year.

The time for us to win will be when Hank will be when he's 31-35 years old. Barring a freak injury, he'll still be playing as well as he's playing right now.

If we sign Brad, we won't have the money to resign our younger players, nor to sign/trade for someone who may be needed to plug the final hole in the line up.
I'm just going to throw out the names and ages (of when they won it) of the Goalies to win the Vezina in the past 10 or so years

Ryan Miller 30
Tim Thomas 34
Fatty Brodeur 35
Fatty Brodeur 34
Mikka Kiprusoff 30
Brodeur 32
Brodeur 31
Hasek 36
Kolzig 29/30

I'm going hope Hank is elite for around 5 more years.

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