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03-26-2011, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Shadowrunner View Post
I feel this is necessary after watching today's Bruins feed. Whether you like Joe or hate him, he is nowhere NEAR the level of homerism of other broadcasters, especially color guys.

If you had listened to the Bruins' broadcast on the radio, you would think that the Rangers sold every single penalty that was called against them, all the while demolishing the poor innocent Bruins without any repercussions.

You would think that Milan Lucic is a Lady Bing finalist, and that Dubinsky and Boyle are world class divers.

You would think that Tortorella is a grade A hypocrite for b***ing about Flyers diving, while his own team is a bunch of dirty little diving cowards.

Finally... and to me this was mind-boggling to hear from a professional broadcaster... when Bergeron ran into Henrik, Jack Edwards went into a long speed arguing that, because of the tight playoff race, Ramsay and Tortorella would allow Lundqvist to stay in the net even if he appeared to be injured or had concussion symptoms, rather than let an inexperienced goalie replace him.

I honestly couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I think my ears were bleeding toward the end. So let us celebrate Sam and Joe -- the classiest, least homerific broadcasting crew in hockey!

/rant over

Every color guy on a regional telecast is a homer. It's their job. Joe is no different.

He's said some pretty stupid things the last few years, but his Dan Girardi "goal" against the Devils sealed it for me.

It's a shame he doesnt do NFL telecasts as well so we can get a break from him once in a while.

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