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03-26-2011, 10:52 PM
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A few things:

I'm keeping my seats somehow, but 100% of the price on my ledger is not a good situation... I'm going to have to pay some bread to transfer the account ownership by Flyers rules first off; dead money like a little seat licence.

I'd still want to attend 50%+ games so I'd have to move 50%... Usually I select games I'd like to attend... I would have to change to taking more of the dog games and selling the prime games since nobody wants to pay for dog games... especially when they can walk up and get cheaper seats at the window... People want those games for free, and many STHs do give away bad/unwanted games as do Corporate owners.

As easy as it sounds moving tickets at times is difficult... You can check and see many games for large prices, but many never move. People always would ask me to tell them when I had tickets to sell... but when you have them and ask you get excuses and no sales from those who asked you.

I've sold tickets from the Flyers Market... but I had to wait until he following season to get my money while the Flyers used the cash hey go.

Certain games you can clean up on like the SCF Game Six that were sold to Chicago residents for many times the face value... and many people made a bundle on the last Penguins game -- see how many Pens fans attended? The row in front of me had three individual pairs of Pens fans directly in front and the entire row was 50% Pens fans; the STHs made good bread -- Many games however are unmovable... Try selling a Thrashers game or a Blue Jacket game... People want the Pens, Rangers, Devils, Habs, Wings, Leafs, Caps, Fan Appreciation, Opening Game... the games I want to attend myself... And forge moving the Preseason games.

Yes you can sell off the better games at a profit and pay a fee... and eat the bad games and Preseason games... but you end up with bunches of games to attend in a row, and big gaps with no games.

It seems easy to say you can move games, but i is not... even when the team is playing well and people are thrilled to attend... But when they are playing bad and when it is Christmas Season, or bad weather/snow, or the Eagles and Phillies are playing opposite them... the games when there are a boatload of empty seats due to no shows... those are games you either attend yourself or eat. Expect to see dog games in person and watch key match ups on he Telly.

I have found that ideally the way to go is have a partner from the outset and select games you want... spread out evenly throughout the season... and just go and enjoy.

... Another this is the way they screwed us here... They enticed early renewal commitments and tell us they do not know if they will raise prices or how much if they do -- yes, we talked to them and that is what they said -- You trust they just wan to know the ballpark number of STHs... We buy into it and commit and then they spring a new pricing method on us... They unevenly raised the prices and screwed many STHs... NOT FAIR!!!! And if we give up our seats we get crap seas if we want back in... so we really have little choice.

And the prices have gone up well over inflation... Seats were $8.50 for good seats per game, now we are talking ten times that in many case, or more. Has our disposable income risen that much in comparison? Is a $1.25/hr minimum wage job back then now a $12.50+/hr one?... Is a $200.00/wk job now a $2,000.00/wk position? In any case, back then it was easier to attend most games and park for free or for a buck or so... now we are talking about a couple hundred for a pair of seats and $150.00 or so to park and pushing $10.00 a pop for a beer including a tip and a fin plus for a dog and more than that for a soda... People HAVE to share Season Tickets and a trick like this last tier pricing per row really bumps up our per game cost and puts us in a hardship finding partners or moving many games.

To sum it up... Our seats will rise a full 23.5% while a people in the 8th row will have NO increase whatsoever... twenty-three-pointFREAKING-five FREAKINGpercent... My income will not.

.... Sorry for the rant.

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