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Originally Posted by xxjimmypxx View Post
They must have changed policies, 3 years ago I switched an account all that was needed was a Signed letter from the original seat holder faxed to the box office. With a little help from 2 Customer Service Agent's, I had control of my new seats before the Playoffs started. No cost, but customer service was so much better 3 years ago then it is now.
Yeah, that's how I got mine (it was during the summer though). My friend paid the deposit, but wasn't going to renew until I had asked. So, I just paid the deposit back to my friend. I did the same thing when I moved back to the top row.

When I renewed for early bird, I didn't even ask if they were going to raise prices. I knew after 3 years of not doing it (and 3 years of not knowing they were going to make the playoffs at this point in the season), so I wasn't all that interested in rhetoric. They could have done it after the fact, but they wanted to start getting the money before the end of the fiscal calendar. I made sure I sell a lot on the website just so I could roll over the credit (and/or pay for the playoffs ahead of time as well). If the Flyers go out in the first round, I basically financed the price hike already.

I also know the feeling though of having a ton of people telling you they want tickets and then disappearing. I post all the ones I want to sell on the ticket marketplace, and if they want them come get them.

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