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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I totally understand your point... and unfortunately supply and demand and what they can get out of the fans short of killing the golden goose IS totally in play here.

I guess what I'm trying to say... no matter how feebly I may be doing it... is that the Flyers cannot use inflation as an excuse in their raising the prices. I was using minimum wage as way of showing the relationship of the ticket price then and now and how fans used to be able to afford a complete season then but now a complete season is not so much the toss around cash as it once was... I also understand that the facility and the overheads today are way different than in 1967 and drives the costs greatly... mere cost of living increases sadly is not in play here. I concede a poor argument.

But again my main argument is that the way they revamped the way the fans must pay on a row basis in the Mezzanine has caused a 23.5% increase or more for some while others have no increase at all... and in some cases such as the Blue Line sections and the upper rows in some sections there may even be a reduction... We have a Robin Hood situation where they are stealing from some to give to others... but I am not the fat cat that needs to make up for others reduced increases.

In our case a fan that has been on board from the late Sixties may be forced out due to a 23.5% increase that he objects to while a new fan sitting in the nosebleed section that may not be around after another season or two gets to feel good.

My partner and I came with our other partners a that time -- now there are just us -- to all 45 home games (including preseason games) when the Flyers couldn't' make he Postseason for five complete seasons... and suffered all those short one one and done PO years... And now we are asked to fork over $23.5% more while all the bandwagon fans are supporting them. I personally have been attending from before the First Cup -- and then, as a young father of two, it was really a luxury for even those cheap tickets I talked about... Can I afford it? Yes I suppose I could... Will I continue? I will but most likely my partner will not... but the most important question is SHOULD I have to? NO I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO... not when others are not asked to do the same.

Again, I apologize to all for all my rants tonight... Not that I'm going to stop them.
The Flyers can certainly use inflation as "an excuse". Have you compared fuel and energy costs over the last three years? I would imagine that all their employees received some salary increases and certainly the ancillary benefits such as health care have gone up precipitously.

I HEAR what you are saying .... I GET where you are coming from however we must all remember this is a BUSINESS FIRST, sports team 2nd. In business you charge what the traffic will bear .... AND you make hay while the sun is shining. It is clear from the matrix that there was (in management's eyes) an imbalance in pricing upstairs. SOMEONE had to get caught up in it ... unfortunately it was you. There is nothing stopping you from moving over, down, whichever, to MAXIMIZE your ST value now that the pricing matrix has changed.

Each and every one of us will someday sit down and open up the ticket invoice for next year and decide that it is time to let them go as the cost will outweigh the value ... no matter what the underlying reasoning may be. It may be financial, it may be burnout, it may be loss of interest in the family and friends in going, it may be the time investment, it may be the P I T A travel to and from, it may be a priority shift but it will be SOMETHING.

It happens to EVERYONE ...... sooner or later. Guaranteed this will be the last straw for some folks ... but every year that happens anyway. The Flyers cannot run their organization based on losing a few people every time prices increase, policies change, etc.

It IS a business ... for better or worse and that will NEVER change.

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