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03-27-2011, 12:36 PM
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As normal, everything is alright if you are not the ones getting screwed... I expected that and understand. When they come for you, things are different.

The Flyers are smart and know that the large imbalance is effecting only some... and everybody stands alone in this. There will be no great uproar for me and those like me.

BTW, when I spoke of bandwagon people I merely meant that there were some STHs who come and go, and some of them reap the upside while it is thw longstanding STHs who may get screwed here... It is a shame that 40+ season fans get the shaft.

Were my seats undervalued in the past? Do rows determine worth? If so... why not grandfather those who have held on to the STs for multiple decades?

In any event... thanks for allowing me to vent. I hope I never have to read about others getting screwed. If I didn't love the Flyers so much, I would be out of there... I assume they are aware of those such as I.

Again, thanks for allowing me to vent here.

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