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03-27-2011, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by BRONX_MADNESS View Post
Lol @ the veiled bigotry in this thread, hahaha. To the guy who said NBA is more popular than NHL bc of black ppl, LOL u know there are way more white people than black people in the US right???

I still like hockey better even though I have to share the sport w/ mostly morons IMO but I'll just dangle them and run with it...
Not agreeing with whoever said that, but look at it like this:

Okay, yes, there are more Caucasians than African Americans living in the USA, however I believe if you polled all of both races you would find that a MUCH larger majority of African Americans watch basketball than the amount of Caucasians who watch hockey.

Caucasians in America see baseball as their sport, not hockey, while most African Americans would probably agree that basketball is their sport, if they had to identify with one most closely. They have talented players in every sport, but predominantly in basketball.

So just because there are more Caucasians doesn't mean they're all hockey fans. It's probably a lot closer than you would think.

However, I'm not saying that is why the NBA is more popular, but if I had to bet on it I am willing to say the majority viewership of the NBA would be African American by a fair margin. Just like the majority viewership of hockey is Caucasian by a fair margin.

If you think that's racist, so be it. If the guy had said "Hockey is less popular because most average white Americans watch baseball or football, instead." would you still think he was being a bigot?

Anyway I digress. I think it would still draw in some new fans if the NFL locked out. Even if the Rangers don't win a cup. The NY media needs to talk about the Rangers more, more importantly. the fact that they get such little air-time compared to other major NY sports teams is criminal and a bigger reason they aren't as popular. Media plays a huge role in making ANYTHING popular.

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