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03-27-2011, 04:12 PM
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I've fractured or "cracked" my ankle playing basketball in my teens and that was still 4 weeks in a walking cast. I got up after the fracture and continued trying to play on it and then played basketball on the cast for the next 4 weeks, having to replace it once due to cracking it from repeatedly jumping on it.

I went up high at the basket and landed on my friends foot, leading to the fracture. My ankle didn't bend as badly as Kopitar's did. The point I'm trying to make is that I seriously doubt it is only a fracture; if it was only a fracture, Kopitar most likely would have skated off under his own power.

I think 6 weeks is a good estimate at this point as we wait for the MRI to be conducted. My fear is that it's not only a break, but there is ligament/tendon damage as well which will only make matters worse.

As for this team, nobody is being a "bad fan" by saying they think this team is done: they are just being realists. Everyone knows he is the one guy this team can't afford to lose and, to make things worse, they've got 8 games to figure out how to win without him. Of course, every game with him seems to be a 1-goal game so the lack of Kopitar and Williams is going to be absolutely crippling.

I'm encouraged by how Pittsburgh has been able to survive losing Malkin and Crosby as the Kings can rely heavily on their goaltender and defense to win games but it is going to be a lot to ask of this team to make any noise in the playoffs: if the playoffs still happen.

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