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Originally Posted by KingWantsCup View Post
JUST THEORETICAL. I'm not saying we're definitely winning the cup this year. Save your pitch forks and torches for when Hank gets robbed of the Vezina.

Well if there was ever a time for hockey to take a stand, this is it. Guys, New York is the premiere city in the United States. Say what you will about any other major city, none of them top New York. Call it arrogant thinking, but I don't see how anyone could seriously think otherwise. With that said, the New York Rangers are holding a LOT of hockey power. An extremely well timed cup would skyrocket the attention this sport gets, and then it would be amplified with every game the NFL loses to the lockout. Just think about that situation for a moment. Really think about it. This is such an enormous opportunity. In theory, I believe our sport could be right up basketballs ass. Your thoughts?
Here's the problem. You can't see the puck on tv. You can't really see the player on tv unless it's a close up shot. You can't really see how the play developed or where the mistakes are made unless you watch the replay or you're really into it or know and have played the game. It's too fast and too fluid for anything less than 1080p/HD on a big screen (at least a 50"-52") for casual fans to become real hardcore fans. Plus, like someone else mentioned it's not really competing with football unless it's in the same time slot, which only happens twice a week unless it's an afternoon game on Sunday (which don't happen until football is over). It's competition is basketball. Basketball is cheaper to play and easier to learn (maybe not easy to get good at but easier to learn none the less). The solution to becoming competitive? Make it cheaper learn and invest in HD so it's cheaper to watch...and the biggest thing. PUT THE DAMN GAMES ON TV! DON'T BLACK THEM OUT! Your teams are only competing against each other on the ice. On TV they should be promoting THE GAME, not THEMSELVES. More fans = more fans for all teams, NOT JUST THEIR OWN.

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