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03-27-2011, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I am not playing the victim card... I am stating facts... my seats have risen 23.5% and the people in front of me were jacked up even more... a few rows behind me had no increase... The people one and two sections over are sitting between the blue lines and have had their seats greatly reduced... Many lower sections were not hit and many people in the cheap higher Mezzanine seats had their seats jacked way up while others in the top rows were also untouched... IMO that was not fair to many.
It's perfectly fair. Seat X is worth Y, so they're charging Y. If you don't want to pay Y, then someone else will be willing to if they've correctly priced the seats. You're personalizing something that is abstract... there's nothing personal about it.

Moreover, YOU have better seats than the folks behind you... why shouldn't you pay more than them?

To me being told by you to just give up my seats of a few decades... like it is nothing at all... is quite Marie Antoinette like in it's lack of any compassion or empathy. It is not as simple as that.
Dude, you're asking for compassion and sympathy over a luxury good. Are you *ing kidding me?

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