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Originally Posted by agentj View Post
But there are 5 or 6 thousand other acccounts that should be "grandfathered in" by your standards.

Hell, I could make a case that I should get more consideration than you since I have 4 in club level since the building opened. Along with 2 in 116 for 8 seasons and 2 more in 117 for 4 seasons until I cut back after the strike to the 4 clubs only.

Do you agree how ridiculous that sounds? It would simply turn into a who can outwhine the next guy fest.

Your description of the "long time fan" getting "the shaft" is not quite accurate.

Did the "30 yr" at the time guys get first preference when the new building opened for better/more seats? You bet they did. That's why my Row 16 turned into Row 21 ... I wasn't there long enough.

Did the "40 yr" guys get automatic Winter Classic tickets last year? You bet they did ... and good seats, too.

I didn't get any .. I had to buy the premium package to guarantee me seats from the Flyers. With 4 full season seats times the "seniority" multiplier I got ZERO from the "lottery".


How quickly we forget in our flash of anger at a perceived slight. I freely admit I have had the same feelings a couple of times ............. but I did ultimately get over it when the realization that there is simply nothing that can be done about it set in.
When the Center was opened the seats were not reallocated back dues to the older STHs taking them -- our seats dated back to circa 1969 -- it was done to place Corporate and 'reward' seating... and also because the configuration was way different.

The Winter Classic lottery was influenced slightly by adding chances to long standing STH... and that was the only time and a shock... but was not along the lines of tenure by any means. Most perks go to the Early Bird STHs... I never complained about that. I also don't begrudge you any and all perks your seating gives you... I never would... If you would complain about your more modest increase, I would understand and support you.

Many people in my mind have a gripe... mine is being bumped up almost 125%... And I only point out the tenure because to me it is a crying shame to have my partner who stared our STH account in 1969 (or earlier, I forget exactly) is effectively being forced out... but many people can gripe. I'd say 123.5% is enough for me to be upset... Will I get over it? Sure... Will my partner? Probably not; he will eventually walk... Do I deserve to vent? You bet I do.

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