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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
This question is posed only to people who are in their 30s or older. You must remember the Ranger-Islander rivalry, at least in the early 90s. If you remember it going back to the early 80s and late 70s, that much better.

In 1994, the team I wanted to face least were the Isles. They were unbeaten against us in the Mausoleum for 15 games straight, and they broke our unbeaten streak at 14 when we were about to tie our team record.

We beat them easily in the first round, but that sure was not expected.

Playing the Islanders used to be exciting. Every regular season game against them was like Game 7 of the playoffs, but with more fighting.

No current rivalry compares. Debbies? Philthy? Please.

The Rangers are on an up swing now. With the influx of youth, what already happened and what's coming in the near-future, the Rangers will be a very good team.

I want the Ranger-Islander rivalry back. I was really hoping the Isles would finish last overall, but they will likely finish at #5.

Am I the only one hoping they will beat the odds and get a good player at #1, so they will get back to respectability, and fight against us in the playoffs like they used to in previous generations?

There's nothing I want more then for the Islanders and Rangers to both be top teams. They are both going in the right direction I think.

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