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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
to those who say: "i don't accept mediocrity". let me ask you this - and you can't lie! will you accept tanking for a years in order for us to grab a few high picks?

i'll speed up the process and answer for you: no, because then we would be accepting mediocrity

ok, now you retort with: "why can't we be like the wings?".

29 other teams want to be like the wings and they can't, so must all of our fault right?

then you say: "im old enough to remember when this team won the cup once in a while!"

then i would encourage you to use facts. facts like: salary cap, much greater parity et cetera... which you won't because you're overly emotional *****. but try to cope for a moment, im almost done

then, you'd go straight into the classic: "fire the ****ing coach, that mother****er doesn't know what the **** he's doing!"

ah yes, the classic scapegoat. how did hiring coaches with no experience work out the last few years?

"gomez sucks! trade him!!!!"

yes, because teams will be lining up to trade for an overpaid bad player

"then bench him! what the ****!"

yes, because we have an abundance of 1st/2nd line center with experience ready to take his place. and do you think that we are better with a producing gomez, or without? don't you think the coach, you know, being stuck with him, should be trying anything to wake him up?

"but i don't give a ****! we're Montreal! we just need to ask, and coaches magically appear! and i don't care if they speak french or not!"

ah sorry to burst you're little bubble there but a coach that doesn't speak french is also something that's unacceptable. can you imagine a coach that doesn't speak English in, say, new york? no, won't happen. same reason why that won't happen here either. like it or not, quebec is a french-speaking market, SHOCK i know....
This guy gets it.


I was going to post something similar to your post but in the end i said to myself, why even bother. I've been told on many occasions that i am a kool-aid drinker and apparently us kool-aid drinkers are not objective and not rational fans. But in the end, id rather be surrounded by ''kool-aid'' drinkers who to me are the real fans because they support their team, win or lose, slump or hot streak. To me that is a real fan, one who never gives up on their team, even through the strongest of adversities.

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