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03-28-2011, 09:27 AM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by TonyTheGr8 View Post
Not saying it wouldn't be big, cause it would. Just saying it probably wouldn't be AS big. The curse factor was a huge thing back then, cause it was a "new" thing. so to speak. Plus people were getting tired of all the crap going on with baseball, and the strike wasn't far off. But now , baseball is fine, a lot of teams have broken curses, and it's just not as big anymore (unless of course, the Cubs were to ever do it). But when the Wings and the Hawks broke theirs, I don't think it was as huge as when we did.

If we were to do it as an underdog, that would be special, but you wouldn't hear "Sam proclaiming that this one will last time!".
I hope not, that would just be lazy commentating stealing an already famous quote!

I agree though, but I think it'd be huge in New York. As much as we like to say that the Rangers take a back seat to the other sports, there's still a huge Rangers fan base and we're all incredibly passionate. I don't see it boosting hockey in the entire US, but I could see it doing it in NY.

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