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03-28-2011, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by jefferiah View Post
I don't think he actually expected us to draft Sid. But we did very little for years to acquire bigger pieces for this team. But usually that was because in the short term it would have made us a worse team. And my guess is that making the playoffs was a huge priority for this team every year.

Whatever the reason, whether he can be blamed or not, Gainey pretty much spent several years at one extreme.........uber-conservatism and then in 2009 he went to the other. I heard people say, well there you go, you all complained about Gainey doing nothing, now he did what you all wanted. But really, I do not think that is fair. Asking for someone to be more active, is not the same as asking for an erratic team build with whatever UFAs you can find available.

I am not giving up on the team. Far from it. I really like our guys. And as long as they are alive, I am cheering for them. And Jacques Martin too. And you never know what can happen in the playoffs right. We coasted in last year, so if we can just make it this year, who knows. But a good portion of this team was built on the fly, and the whole spirit of this team is a crap shoot. That's what we are looking at. We are not just bi-polar fans anymore. We have the team to match. They can go from one extreme to the other. One week the puck movement is beautiful, the next there is nothing there. So here goes nothing....
My point was that finishing low doesn't mean you get to pick a future hall of famer. Finishing last doesn't mean you end up winning the cup a few years later. Finishing last means only one thing: you had to endure the ********* hockey season in a LONG time. There is no "Proper" rebuild. Look at what the Flyers did a few years ago. They went and signed a ton of guys. They drafted 2nd but they got JVR who is by no mean a part of their core. Same with the Wings. Granted, Yzerman was a high pick, but if you look at more recent Wings teams, no high pick. Look at Columbus. Florida. Bunch of teams with terrible luck at drafting.

My point is, we should draft Sidney Crosby every year. My point is, we should have 4 Sidney Crosbys on our lineup. Give me 4 Sidney Crosbys, and I'm telling you, we'll have so many cups that we won't know what to do with them anymore. Why don't teams draft Sidney Crosby? Makes no sense to me.

We are 6th. We won 2 rounds in the playoffs last year. Superstar Ovechkin was eliminated by us in round 1. Superstar Crosby was eliminated in round 2. We are doing great this year despite Markov--our best defenseman--being injured all year long. Without Gorges, our best defensive dman being out for most of the year. With injuries to some of our top players throughout the year.

It's been repeated ad-nauseam over the past few days: you guys just want to blow everything up because we are on a losing streak. You were saying the VERY opposite after the 8-1 win.

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