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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
If that's true, then it's a new thing since the lockout. I know when I had season tickets and got playoff tickets I was reading about the pricing of the Flyers v. some other markets, and Detroit, for example, was a LOT more expensive. Detroit also stepped up their prices by round dramatically, and the Flyers were actually quoted as saying they were staying away from that.
Team definitely has a say in it. It might even be that the team submits figures and the league must approve it. No matter what, the league has the final say. Maybe before the lockout, this didn't go on because there wasn't a cap and as much public knowledge of revenues? I know in the old days, it used to be many teams had to make the playoffs to be profitable, so maybe they got more control of pricing, and kept more of the gate? (I'm also working right now, so I can't look this up, sorry) For those who don't know (not you), the league and the teams make their biggest gate profits during the playoffs, because players are paid fixed rates by round.
And Detroit was a championship-level team while the Flyers had not yet shown that, which I'm sure factored into pricing. In '06, Carolina's SCF uppers were $125, while in Edmonton, they were getting $200. Last year, I believe there was more parity between Philly and Chicago prices, but the are more similar markets.

I did just talk to my tix rep (for something else), and he did say that face value for all seats will follow a similar graduated scale as the STH increases. First row uppers will be $85 face, go back a few rows and you are in the $70s, get up to Rows 7-8 and you should be in the $60s for face value. And there will still be premium games that STH won't pay additional money for. Of course, one of those premium games is NOT a potential WC, which is usually operated separately from STH packages. So, not only was there an increase, but if the Flyers host the WC, STH will likely have to shell out a few more bucks to attend that game, too.

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