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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
You realize that the proper definition of 'qqing' is rage quiting and not crying, right?
You realize now a days it's both right? I didn't say qqing first off, I said QQing. Secondly I played every single Blizzard game ever made practically, and believe me it has both meanings now a days.

Who cares what the original meaning is when 90% of the people who use it now a days use it for the meaning I used it for?

Plus even originally, it was meant like "ALT-qq quit and go cry about it" or "ALT-qq go cry and uninstall the game".

It was almost notoriously a response to crybabies.

That's like me wearing a swastica and being all like "hey you do know the original meaning isn't bad right?" herp dee derp. C'mon.

I disagree about it being a misconception. People just made it that way because it fit the bill. 90% of the time when you say that it's because the other person is crying anyways. I lost 3 years of my life to Wc3 alone let alone the others haha, even back before the days of people using QQ as crying it was still intended for people who were crybabies so it makes sense.

I'm done QQing about people's comments about QQing now

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